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"The Original Argument": Focus and Excel

I just started reading "The Original Argument" by Glenn Beck, Joshua Charles, the Glenn Beck Staff, and assorted "Experts."

I read through the intros and verbiage that outlines the purpose of the work and intent of the Authors. It is Compelling testimony of their belief in the greatness and exceptionalism of the American Experiment in self government and individual freedom. Indeed, the Founders understood the significance of their attempt at conceptualizing and instituting a government like none before in the history of the world. "The Original Argument" is a work that puts the founders and the "Federalist Papers" in context and in relevance to current political debate.
Focus, Take it to the next level: That is the message that struck me. I am sure that was not the intent of the authors of "The Original Argument." As stated, they were simply interested in getting people to read the original "Federalist Papers", or at least to understand them, in order to understand the roots of the principles codified in the Constitution.
However, I am not satisfied with that. I believe the real purpose, unknown to the writers, is that we, The American People should use this work to help us focus on the pertinent discussions that will lead us to the next level of the Great American Experiment. Our Generation is tasked with answering the hard questions of today with expanded vision of the "Original Intent" of "The Original Argument."
To do that we must understand the framework and founding principles of our current government (Federalist Papers, "The Original Argument.") We must understand the roles of Human Nature, Spirituality, and Leadership, in the conduct of government and human affairs. We have to let go of pre-concieved notions, just as the founders did. Note: I did not say let go of proven principle but of notions, or in other words, predjudices and unproven concepts.
I will have more to write on this in the future I am sure. For now, it is enough to get the current arguement/debate/fight started.
IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE ROAD YOU ARE ON, HOW WILL YOU KNOW YOUR DESTINATION? Read: "The Original Arguement" and "The Federalist Papers."
Read and Contemplate, Debate and Understand, Reason and Endure, FAIL AND DIE.
(Disclaimer: You may not actually die because of your current state of ignorance, but you will surely die of boredom and/or exclusion and lonliness if you are not engaged in the survival of your country.
Semper Fi,
GySgt. DD Barton, Ret. 2236292
War Dog 6 "Over"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Republics, Democracies, Majorities and Law

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One more time.

A Democracy is the the tyranny of the majority. A Constitutional Republic is the tyranny of Law.

A Democratic Constitutional Republic is the tyranny of the People over the Government and Law, guided by principle.

The only legitimate function of governement is arbitrating the peace with the least amount of intrusion necessary.

It is not the function of government to browbeat individuals into submission to the will of the majority.

A Democratic Constitutional Republic is the utimate test of the capability of the people to govern themselves under the guidance of a set of principles (law), without centralized control, and maximum freedom to produce and progress.

That works for me.

(if you don't like it, come up with you own definitions, and concepts-that is what all the so called great thinkers do)

(another idea I have is that the greatest thinkers may not have been born yet or I could be the last.)

In our Republic the people elect Representatives whose duty is to see that the interests of all citizens in their district are considered and no one's Constitutional rights are violated by the majority or minority. In our Republic the House of Representatives is the voice of all the people and not the majority party in power.

At least that is the way it should be, and I think was intended in the spirit of the Constitution.

Parties should not be allowed to have candidates in Congressional districts or at the very least should be ignored by the people.

Political Parties violate the very essence of representative constitutional democracy.

A Congressman should have loyalty to no individual, party, or special interest, but, to all the people of his district and the Constitution (Codified Principles-Law). A Congressman is not elected to vote his conscience or his convictions (morality/immorality) as to what is "best for the people".

His first duty is to make no law infringing on the Constitutional rights of any of his constituents and their ability to pursue economic independence and happiness.

His second duty is to ensure that no group, whether majority, minority, business, labor, profession, religion, ideaology, class, or political, is allowed to use the establishment of laws and regulations to gain advantage for its ideas and agendas.

If your ideas, agendas, or business are so powerful, they do not need the subsidy of Government power (legislation) to establish them among the people in the free market of ideas and economics. If you can't sell it in the street then don't try to sell it with law.

The Representatives third duty is to be a wise financial steward of the people's money. The Congress has no business in business.

The Congress has no authority to take from one citizen, State or entity, to give to another for support and welfare. The local society is responsible for looking after its people with its own industriousness and resources. A Free Market enables the poor to lift themselves from poverty with education and industry. The same principle applies to business.

The 4th duty of the Representative is to ensure the defense of the people from foreign invasion, vote for a declaration of war, with the consent of his district, vote for funding and support the effort of those sent in harms way to defend the country. It is the duty of citizens to defend their country in time of war if they want it to exist for them. There should be no law compelling them to do so. There should also be no law defending them from the natural consequences of their lack of action/participation, excepting violence, which is necessary to keep the peace in a civil society.

We have seen our country's history swing back and forth on the pendulum of Ideaology powered by Government subsidy (legislation). The power of legislation is what gives an ideaology or agenda the momentumn to move us to the extremes. Government interference in the Free Market of Ideas and Economics is what destroys the natural balance that is the result of unrestricted thinking and production in a peaceful society.

If the Market does not like it or need it then you can't sell it (force it) with law.

Legislating morality/immorality and ideaology never works. Legislating economics doesn't work either.

It was owners of business and wealth that first corrupted our republic and influenced legislation to benefit them and establish a monopoly on production. Now we are faced with an extreme solution to that extreme condition using the same mechanism of legislation to establish a government monopoly over production. The response will be more of the same to fight that extremism. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away, witness the Civil War of 1860. Regardless of what you think were the causes and who was to blame, the root cause was ignorance and apathy, ignoring the problem and hoping it would go away and leaving it for another generation to work out. We know how well that went.

The solution to this pendulum effect is to establish a true free market in this country that is not based on more legislation but repeal of most of the regulations that we have already.

Laws do not protect anyone and never have. Laws (principles) are guidelines for conduct in a civil society. People, protect people. The government and law have no power to do so.

We have much work ahead of us.

The task before us is to dismantle, one Representative at a time, the monstrosity that has become the Federal Government. The place to fight that battle is in your own district.

You have already seen that you are not alone. The task is not insurmountable. The first task is finding one person in your district that believes in this and is commited to representing the people and their freedoms and not a party or special interest agenda.

The next task is to put together a small group in your district that is willing to knock on doors and talk to everyone, whether voter or not and let them know what you are doing. Almost anyone can run as a write in candidate even if they can't get on the ballot. Former Congressman Ronald Packard from Carlsbad, CA was elected that way. Forget the agendas and you can get elected in the face of the political class. The local people of your district will stand with you if you do not lie to them and just tell them the truth. It doesn't take a lot of money, it takes fortitude and commitment. Forget the "national scene", that is a calculated distraction.

It is your Republic, if you can keep it. If not, there are many, willing to step in and take it over from both the left and the right.

Semper Fi,
your faithful servant
GySgt. DD Barton Ret.

(wide dissemination is desired and consented)

(I cast this upon the waters of the Free Market of Ideas, it will come back covered with butter,...... or blood)

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"Semper FI"
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